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Digital Marketing Getting Started 1 day classroom training

Digital Marketing Getting Started 1 day classroom training

Level: Beginners To Intermediate

Master Getting Started on Google Ads PPC
Implementing SEO Like A Pro
Maximizing Website Conversions

There has never been a better time than ever to learn Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Getting Started 3-Week Programme will cover everything you need to know to get started on both Google Ads PPC, as well as SEO, delivered though a combination of

  • Online Video tutorials
  • Cheat-sheets used by professionals
  • Weekly interactive online mentoring & Q&As

This course teaches you the HOW, not just the WHAT, of

  • Creating and running profitable Google Ads campaigns, demystifying and providing clarity on PPC advertising – saving you both the time and money you would’ve spent to work it out the long, hard way.
  • How to conduct an SEO (Search Engine Optmisation) audit to find quick-wins that can help you gain competitive advantage, how to optimise your website for best rankings, and how to see exactly what your competitors are ranking for.
  • How to turn your website from a simple brochure site to a powerful machine that converts visitors into leads and enquiries.

Most importantly, you’re getting something rock solid to take away and implement immediately.

Make no mistake:
This is a fully fledged leap into digital marketing,
More importantly, not only do we deliver the online course but you will then also get weekly group sessions online where by we will answer any questions you might have, as well as constant guidance and tips throughout the 3-weeks



Who Is This Digital Marketing Getting Started 3-Week Programme Perfect For?

This online course will be suited to you:
High-End Ticket Services
Whether in the financial, legal, cosmetic, health, home improvements or any industry which has a reasonable cost of purchase/lead product or service. It really is open to all.
Business Owners
Looking to scale? Or even diversify? By understanding how to get the best out of digital marketing, its important to get an understanding of the most common types, primarily Paid Search (i.e. Google Ads) and Organic (i.e. SEO)
Digital Marketers & Marketing Managers
Digital Marketers who are looking to increase their skill set. It could be that you have an agency in place who run your digital marketing campaigns and not only do you wish to understand what they are doing, but are they doing it right and feeding back the right reports to you?

But, most importantly, you are guaranteed results if you:

  • Understand the importance of effective marketing
  • You understand when used effectively, how digital marketing can help drive a constant stream of leads, enquires, sales for your business.
  • Have a product/service or something with a reasonable profit margin that you want to sell more of, more often
  • Need to generate extra leads and keep your pipeline full and fresh for your sales team to follow up on

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So, you’re ready to get the ball rolling, take a step in the right direction and invest in yourself and your business – great!

When you click through on the booking button below, you’ll be taken to our secure order form page, where you can safely and securely book your place on the next Digital Marketing Getting Started 3-Week online programme course.


This online digital marketing online course will cover

Google Ads (Adwords) PPC
Google Ads (Adwords) PPC
  • Find out exactly what you need to get started with Google Ads
  • Become familiar with the commonly used technical jargon (resources provided!)
  • Learn about different types of campaigns available and how to pick the right one for you
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Get clear on how to perform market research (and save time by leveraging your competition’s hard work!)
  • Know who your ideal customer is so well it’s impossible to miss-target them!
  • Get your head around the essential Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that you must track, or else.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
  • How best to structure and navigate your account
  • Make it easy for your prospect to find you via precise keyword selection
  • How to design killer ads that your prospect cannot afford to ignore!
Website Landing Pages
Website Landing Pages
    • No nonsense approach to boost enquiries AND cut costs
    • Keep a close eye on your campaign and know WHEN to intervene and HOW
    • How to block unwanted traffic and bots from hitting your site
    • Pinpoint when and where your ads should and shouldn’t show for peak performance
Other Digital Marketing Channels
Other Digital Marketing Channels
  • Find out what’s worth reporting when reviewing campaign performance
  • Simple way to automate reports for whoever, whenever
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Not only that, but when you book online you’ll instantly receive Ajay’s ‘Project Scoping Master-sheet’, sent straight to your inbox, giving you a head’s start on your journey towards Digital Marketing Course!

The Project Scoping Master-sheet is easy to follow and provides you with an opportunity to get a clear outline on your business’s marketing. This puts you in the perfect position to set up a campaign that is correctly configured and targeted to your ideal audience, immediately after completing the course.

Not only that, but Ajay’s ‘PPC Jargon Buster’ cheatsheet is also included with every purchase, and sent straight to your inbox – clearing up all the terms and phrases you’ll hear and come across as you begin your journey towards PPC mastery.

Don’t Benefit, Don’t Pay!

When you book online you are 100% covered by our No-Nonsense Money Back Guarantee.

Therefore, if upon completion of the event you feel it was a waste of your time and money, just drop us an email you’ll get every penny back.*

No. Questions. Asked.

We’re not in the business of messing people around or selling snake oil.

We’re confident about what we do: it works, it gets results, and Ajay’s name is on the line, every time.

He’s just prepared to finally share it!

So here’s why you can be confident about attending:

Digital Marketing Mastery Course is a solid introduction and comprehensive 3-days of online training, jam-packed with actionable takeaways, primed for immediate implementation.

Here’s a reminder of what you get:

  • All course material (perfect for revision and reference)
  • Multiple opportunities to ask Ajay all your pressing questions regarding PPC & SEO
  • Instant access to The Project Scoping Master-sheet & PPC Jargon Buster Cheatsheet
  • Digital certification from The Digital Search Academy to formally acknowledge your attendance of the course

It is set up for success. Your success.

And your success is our goal.

That’s why you should only sign up if:

  • You are serious about learning Google Ads PPC.
  • You are serious about wanting to learn SEO / Google Analytics, Website Conversions
  • You are prepared to put what you learn into action

If that’s not you, then please save your money and time!

However, if you’re ready, then get yourself booked on and we’ll take care of the rest!

Total: £997+ vat

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To your success!
The Digital Search Academy Team

P.S. This 3-day online Digital Marketing Mastery is a comprehensive, introductory training event wherein you’ll get you clear on the WHAT, HOW and WHY of PPC advertising / SEO and so much more with Google.

Ajay Dhunna is an expert and certified Google Ads specialist, who runs his own PPC agency, getting his clients serious, consistent results, day in, day out.

All course material is provided on the day, along with plenty of time for questions.

This is a perfect opportunity for those who are committed to getting more online sales, leads and exposure, by putting in the work to get the results.

Total: £997 + vat
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Criteria for a full-refund:

A refund request can only be made by someone who:

  • Booked and attended the course in person
  • Attend the entire day of training for all sessions, without lateness or absence for any session
  • Completed the Project Scoping Mastersheet form prior to attending,
  • Interacted during the training by asking questions when unsure or confused

Furthermore, the refund request must be made within 48 hours of course completion, via the request form available on the website homepage.

If all the above criteria are met, then a full refund is processed, including VAT, and will take 3-5 working days to appear in the requestee’s bank account.

Under no circumstances will a refund be made without the above criteria being fulfilled.

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